The Badger Trail

The Badger Trail is approximately 1 mile long and takes about 30 minutes to walk.

The Trail

The Badger Trail is an easy walk around the well-surfaced paths of the arboretum and allows you to experience:

  • Lime Avenue
  • The Autumn Garden
  • Cottrell’s Folly
  • Oak Avenue
  • The Viewpoint
  • The Summer Garden
  • Sovereign Walk

It takes you past flowering cherries in the spring and some exotic conifers as well as the Redwood Grove.

The Badger Trail does follow the gentle uphill slope of Lime Avenue at the start (which may be preferable to the short steep slope from the viewpoint if you followed the route in reverse).

Alternatively, for a very gentle walk avoiding a steep slope, you could follow the Badger Trail along Sovereign Walk to the viewpoint and return the same way.