Herefordshire Networks and Projects

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Herefordshire Networks and Projects


The team at the Queenswood Sustainable Future Centre (SFC) have put together this list of a few local networks and projects.

Herefordshire Green Network Over 80 organizations and hundreds of members around the county – providing networking, events and information on a whole range of environmental issues

HGN Great Collaboration and portal Carbon reduction tool for communities and parish councils

Herefordshire Council Climate Action Plan maps and information about a Zero Carbon Herefordshire by 2030: transport, housing and buildings, energy, waste, food and farming and land use

Herefordshire Wildlife Trust the largest membership-based wildlife organisation in the county, dedicated to inspiring people about wildlife, acting as a wildlife champion and creating wildlife havens

Herefordshire Community Recycling and Reuse Group a local Facebook group with nearly 7,000 members who recycle stuff that is normally thrown away to support local charities and people in need (and much more)


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