Queenswood Country Park set for a spectacular half-term!

Queenswood Country Park set for a spectacular half-term!

While the autumn colours of the exotic tree collection at Queenswood Arboretum is usually at its peak already, this year it looks set to dazzle at the end of October – just in time for the half-term holiday!

Queenswood Arboretum and Country Park is well known for its stunning autumn colours. The season begins with the leaves of the collection of exotic trees in the Arboretum – most notable the maples – turning a kaleidoscope of colour from zinging yellows to the brightest of reds. As these colours fade, the native trees through the wider reach of the Country Park take centre stage, continuing the celebration through to November.

But this year, the first exotic trees have begun to turn very late. This could mean the whole season will extend into later in the year – or both the native and exotic trees could all show their colours at the same time!

Reserve Officer, Paul Ratcliffe, commented: “It’s always hard to predict when the autumn colour will be at their peak, though it’s our most frequently asked question! The late turning this year could be down to the milder evenings we experienced in September and early October but a lot of other factors are at play too.”

The late turning could be perfectly planned for the half-term activity programme which includes sessions on creating natural autumn art and crafts for children aged 4 to 12 years old. Engagement Officer, Hayley Herridge, commented: “This is such a beautiful and atmospheric place to introduce children to the great outdoors. The wonderful colours and shapes really fire their imagination.”

We would love to see your photos of the autumn colours – either post to Facebook or email info@queenswoodandbodenhamlake.org.