First World War Commemorative Woodland

We are launching the Commemorative Woodland Appeal to raise £12,000 to create a reflective and interpretive space within the woodland, commemorating the part played by Herefordshire's landscapes and people in the First World War.

The landscape of Herefordshire, and the UK at large, was changed forever by the Great War effort. Ancient woodlands were stripped, a generation of young men were lost, rural traditions and communities were changed forever.

The Commemorative Woodland

To commemorate the part played by Queenswood and by the whole county and its communities, we are creating a reflective space in the centre of a triangle of oaks. These trees are all 100 years old having grown up since the clear fell of the woodland.

Art Installation

Herefordshire Wildlife Trust would like to work with a visual artist to create an exciting artwork for a designated commemorative woodland at Queenswood Country Park and Arboretum, that considers the impact the First World War had on the people and the landscapes of Herefordshire. 

We are looking for an artist who can make connections between the history and context of Queenswood, physically and conceptually and help people to think differently and has some awareness and considerations of a heritage or non-traditional artspace context for a commission.

Click on the document to the right to read the full brief for the commission or download at the bottom of this page.


There will also be additional interpretive panels installed which will chart the role that Queenswood, the local community and the surrounding landscape played in the Great War. They will draw attention to the loss of life during trench warfare, the use of wood for the war effort, the creation of the Forestry Commission and the role of woman in the war effort as Lumber Gills, as members of the Women’s Land Army, and the Canary Girls of Rotherwas munitions works.

Funding and Donations

This project has been part-funded with a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.


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