Diggers smooth the way at Queenswood

Diggers smooth the way at Queenswood

Work is currently being done to improve the entrance to north wood. Stone is being laid to prevent the rutting we have seen over the last 12 months; the ditch is being re-instated and the ruts created by the forestry in 2018 are being smoothed. Conditions are currently great for the rut smoothing as the soil is damp and workable but the site is not too wet or dry – as it has been to date.

We will be installing a field gate at the entrance, re-building the woodbank and generally smartening the entrance up.

We will also work to smooth ruts in this year’s forestry areas and will be re-instating the boundary along the road edge to prevent vehicular access to the woods.

The work should take about two weeks. Access to the site will not be prevented, but visitors should follow any temporary diversion signs relating to the work.

Update: 31st January, North Wood entrance complete!