DEN is an Augmented Reality artwork for Queenswood

Find hidden green men and women around Queenswood Country Park. The AR app uses your camera to find characters hiding in the forest at Queenswood Country Park. Artworks made by young people at risk of homelessness, Looked After young people and young people with special needs.

Here is the map that will help you on your search, look for the trees with the wooden DEN markers. Or you can download this map here.

You will need an Android smart device to play DEN and to download the app from Google Store here.

Open the app and touch your device onto the wooden DEN labels to see the AR artworks. If your smart device does not recognise the tags you can punch in the numbers that correspond with the tree to see the artworks.

Preloaded smart devices and printed maps with instructions will also be available from the visitor centre from June 2021.

DEN brings artists, heritage experts and communities together to co-create content using augmented reality (AR) technology at Queenswood. The AR content and app is accessible to visitors in the form of smart technology tablets and as an AR app download.

DEN is a New Leaf project funded by Rural Media Company’s Herefordshire a Great Place Hidden Gems program. It connects young people in Herefordshire with Queenswood through digital art, photography and Augmented Reality, we worked with young people who created their green self portraits, which have been digitally tagged to trees in Queenswood.  Augmented reality is the result of using technology to superimpose information — sounds, images and text — on the world we see.

The idea is to enable young people who spend much of their time looking at screens to play in nature, and so connect new audiences to the natural world,  we all know by our own experience that our well-being is enhanced by nature.

For more information about the project and the Hidden Gems program visit New Leaf and Rural Media

The Artists

Lead DEN artist Jaime Jackson worked with John Sear, a game designer & software developer and Director of Museum Games, John creates game-like experiences for public spaces which cause groups to collaborate in new ways.