Queenswood Coronation Fund & the History of the Arboretum

What is the Queenswood Coronation Fund?

The Queenswood Coronation Fund is an independent charity formed in 1953 to support the planting and management of the Arboretum at Queenswood, their vision is “to provide a space in the English countryside for trees from around the world for the peaceful enjoyment and education of all.”

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In 1953 Herefordshire’s Lord Lieutenant and the owner of Garnons estate Sir Richard Cotterell launched the Queenswood Coronation Fund. Planned to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation, the public appeal raised funds to be spent on a 47-acre arboretum.
The appeal was a success with numerous donations from the people of Herefordshire which allowed Sir Richard to realise part of his vision for the site and purchase many of the rare and beautiful trees that can still be enjoyed today.
The work of the Queenswood Coronation Fund received international recognition in 1981 when the arboretum received the prestigious Dendrology Award from the International Dendrology Society in recognition of the quality of the collection of trees.
The Queenswood Coronation Fund is a perpetual fund and a registered charity (No. 518624) which continues to receive many donations from those who have visited and enjoyed the Country Park and Arboretum.