Biophilic Art

What is Biophilic Art?

Biophilic art challenges our perceived separation from the rest of nature. Like biophilic or biomimicry design integrates nature into our cities, biophilic art helps us to presence a connection with our natural selves. By summoning up the senses and sense experience, and becoming present in nature, a pause moment is created, which develops into a more discerning emotional awareness of the climate and ecological crisis.

Presencing, moving image installation with dancer Ella-Rose Jones filmed at Queenswood country park arboretum September 2020

The Artist

New Leaf Director Jaime Jackson is a moving image/video, digital and participatory visual artist, specialising in collaborative biophilic art (love of nature and of life). His work investigates the role of culture in the climate and ecological crisis, through collaborative co-production. Jaime creates moving image films of dancers in communion with nature and uses digital layering and projection mapping onto buildings to create biophilic moving image works.