Art in the Park 2019

Art in the Park 2019


Group 1
Location: Near the Gruffalo

remnants (plural noun)
a part or quantity that is left after the greater part has been used, removed, or destroyed.

This installation talks about how the forest is exploited by humans, and how animals (represented by the garments) are harmed. The violence inflicted onto animals is illustrated through the harsh cuts made into the garments.

Gemma Moore, Acelynn Knight, Steve Boyle, Jennie Russell-Smith

In Loving Memory

Group 2
Locations: orchard, WWI Commemorative Woodland, view point, quarry and redwood grove (and booklet)

In Loving Memory
Circle, In Loving memory of…
We have created a series of wreaths and poetry in response to various sites across Queenswood. Each wreath frames a certain viewpoint in relation to the poetry, expressing our personal experiences for each location. They pay homage to the circular economy of the forest and the history of Queenswood as a place of memorials.

Tim Lewis, Lauren Preston, Oli Childs, George Beddoe

Status Critical

Group 3
Location: Between Lime Ave & Sovereign Walk

Status Critical

This collaborative piece is about the preservation and containment of our environment, which is currently a major concern.

We have chosen to create a barrier around this tree as a way of protecting it, much like when endangered species are put in captivity to prevent its extinction.

Flora Maycock, Issy Draper, Isobel Vickery

Inbuilt Obsolescence

Group 4
Location: Opposite side of Sovereign Walk to the Diocesan Oaks

Inbuilt Obsolescence

We are highlighting the problem with fly tipping in the surrounding areas of Herefordshire, and creating awareness about the short life span of white goods.

Chloe Wheater, Hannah Barton, Calum Wright and Shelly Slark

Framed Landscapes

Group 5
Location: Coppice area

Framed Landscapes.

Materials: Wood and other found, natural materials.

Description: The frame, which is made from the environment itself, creates a new viewpoint. It encourages you to focus on the alternative views from either side.

Lenny Jordan, Rachel Drury, Alyson, Luke Bain