Autumn forestry work beginning this week

Tuesday 17th September 2019

Thinning and ride widening operations will be happening at Queenswood this autumn. This is part of the continuing 10 year woodland management plan advised on and approved by the Forestry Commission in consultation with Natural England.

Rides are being widened, linking to previous year’s work, to provide wild life corridors and allow more light to the woodland floor to benefit birds and insects. Thinning operations will allow the remaining trees to develop. This year some work will be carried out in the arboretum with the guidance of Queenswood Coronation Fund who oversee the care of the trees there and have been doing so since the creation of the Arboretum in 1953. The work is starting earlier this year to ensure there are good ground conditions to avoid damage in the arboretum.

The Arboretum is maturing with many of the trees that have been planted over the years growing and filling out. In order for these trees to reach their potential they need to have enough space to grow, this means that some trees need to be removed. This is an ongoing process that needs to continue to maintain the arboretum for the long term. The work will involve removing a number of mature native trees from the arboretum and thinning the stand of Scots Pine known as Cotterell’s Folly. The removal of the native trees will open vistas through the arboretum, provide more light and space for existing trees and opportunity for new planting. The thinning of Cotterrel’s Folly will encourage these trees to develop and help display this fine group of trees.
We appreciate that felling of trees can be upsetting and in the short term unsightly however please bear in mind that many trees have been removed from the arboretum in recent years and it’s the careful consideration behind these removals that has resulted in the beautiful collection of trees that we all enjoy and treasure today.

The work will be carried out by contractors under the direction of Queenswood’s management team.